No such thing as “girl pushups”

Only a few things piss me off as much as hearing people referring to the mythical excercises “girl pushups” and “boy pushups”. I hate hearing people use these terms because they perpetuate the ridiculous notion that women are weak and/or have less upper body strength than men and therefore must have special pushups/workouts just for them.

There is no such thing as a “girl pushup” or a “boy pushup”. There are bent knee pushups, full-body pushups, and a whole slew of other pushup variations like the scorpio pushup, the press up, the divebomber, the reptile pushup, the spider pushup, the decline pushup, and the incline pushup. I know plenty of women who can do full pushups. I am one of them. I know men that can do pushups. I know men and women who can’t do a single pushup of any variation. I know men and women who refuse to even try a pushup because they have convinced themselves they can’t possibly do something like that. A person’s ability to perform a pushup has everything to do with their strength/physical fitness and nothing to do with their gender.

If you are a novice strength trainer and want to be able to do pushups, start on your knees and work your way up. Just don’t call them “girl pushups”.


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