Why move the dog?

I love working out. So much so that I taught fitness classes, worked in a weight room, and took a personal trainers course. I worked for 8 years in fitness part-time in addition to my regular work until I realized working in fitness was really ruining my fitness. I heard before that sometimes the most unhealthy people are the fitness instructors, the very people who are expected to be the healthiest. I didn’t really believe it originally. Then I spent so much time teaching and yelling at other people I had no time to spend on my own workouts and nutrition. I was working all the time and the only me time was walking the dog. So eventually I just had to give up the part-time work. I didn’t get back to my own workouts right away. That took some time but I did. I love lifting heavy, killing myself with plyometrics (admittedly it still doesn’t take much in the way of  plyometrics to kill me), and cardio kickboxing. I love designing my own workouts and telling myself what a workout genius I am. I love to hate to my HIIT training.

Why “move the dog”? I didn’t have a gym to workout in once I stopped working in one so I learned to do all my workouts at home in my living room with minimal equipment. I did this for several years and still do occasionally even now that I have access to a gym. And whenever I break out the yoga mat for a workout and leave it unattended (for seconds or minutes, it doesn’t matter) my dog plants herself right in the middle. Sometimes she doesn’t even wait for the mat, she lays down right where I am about to put the mat. Her little doggy brain can recognize when I getting ready to workout as well as it can recognize that I am about to take her for a walk. When I tell her move or try to push her out of the way, like any good sensible dog, she rolls over for a belly rub. Sometimes she comes back for seconds and wonders into the middle of my workout. She usually waits for me to be in the middle of a tough HIIT drill and I have to yell “Move the dog! Move the dog!” to my partner to get rid of her before she gets herself kicked or stepped on. Because I can’t possibly interrupt my tabata protocol. I mean if you were meant to stop the tabata protocol the GYMBOSS would have a pause button right? My dogs’ singular gift for getting in the way only gets better as she ages. I think of her younger days when she would run in terror of the stability ball with nostalgia, because I could use it as a barrier to keep her away from my workout. Because nothing ruins crunches like a 55lb dog sitting on your face. Maybe she is just reminding me that no matter how hard I workout I still have to walk her when I am done because basic daily activity is the backbone of any fitness/healthy living routine.


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