People I think are awesome.

Virtually none of my friends are into fitness. They are the generally the types who think having one good sweat once or twice per year “detoxes” them and makes them somehow healthier. It also serves to alleviate their guilt about not exercising the rest of the year. They also usually still have the ridiculous notion in their heads that lifting weights will make them huge and that women shouldn’t have muscles anyway. I mostly just feel sorry for them and keep my mouth shut because I have learned they just aren’t interested in hearing anything different. My sister is pretty much the only person I know who really appreciates the advantages of having a good workout (with plenty of strength training of course) regularly and consistently.

When I need motivation or some fresh workout ideas I go to my favorite fitness competitors. Thank you all for posting videos of your workouts and eating tips online. You are all amazing. Watching you kick your asses in the gym makes me want to go kick my own ass in the gym.

My favorite fitness competitors:

Victoria Adelus

Dana Lynn Bailey

Jodi Boam

Ava Cowan

Sara Fennell

Amanda Latona

Zuzka Light (I know Zuzka is not a competitor, but her online home workouts are awesome.)

Dr. Sara Solomon

Emily Stirling

I have listed these ladies alphabetically by last name because I can’t decide who I think is the most awesome. Each lovely lady has her own individual strengths, her own style, and her own sense of humor that makes her videos not only educational and motivational but also fun to watch. I love them all.


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