The BMI is bullshit.

I despise the BMI. I hate it. I want go get a copy of a BMI chart so I can train my dog to take a dump on it then flush it down the toilet.

The BMI is useless for everything except making people feel like crap about themselves for no reason. It is this annoying little chart that calculates a useless little ratio and tells you if you are a female of x age and x height you should have a mass of  x. If your mass is greater than x amount you are overweight or obese and of course unhealthy.

I have looked at the acceptable mass ranges they provide for my height. I doubt I will ever fall in that range. I have had my family doctor tell me I should fit into this range. When she told me what I should weigh I had to bite my tongue to keep from responding with “And that is in which planet’s gravity?”.

The BMI does not care about your healthy lifestyle comprised of regular activity and healthy mindful eating. The BMI does not care that you strength train and have more muscle mass then the soup can lifting 1950s house wives they measured to come up with these “acceptable ” mass ranges. (If you can think of another explanation for where they got their numbers please leave it the comments below.) The BMI does not account for the higher mass and increased density of muscle tissue compared to adipose tissue. It does not care that fit active individuals will generally have more lean muscle than non-active individuals.

I have met people who have accomplished so much in terms of their personal fitness goals who feel amazing about themselves and how they look and watched them be crushed when someone plots them on the BMI and they discover they still don’t fall in the “acceptable” range of this uncaring, impersonal, uninformed, outdated piece of crap chart. And if that is not bad enough their PT or doctor or whoever doesn’t know enough to tell them the BMI is completely inadequate as an indicator of health and they should not concern themselves with it.

Being healthy is so much more than a number on a scale or the numbers on a chart. The BMI does not show how we are fit enough to hike or jog several kilometers. The BMI does show that us we can do pushups and jump squats. The BMI does not show us we can kickbox or dance for an hour. The BMI does show how we make healthy food choices.

The BMI is bullshit.


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