Why does enjoying fitness make me a freak?

I enjoy working out. I enjoy planning workouts. I enjoy doing a workout and discovering I designed a workout that was way too much for me. I enjoy going back to that big workout at a later date and discovering it to be too easy. It feels great seeing that kind of indisputable proof that my efforts are paying off and I am stronger and fitter than I was before. Sometimes I have days like anyone else where I don’t really feel like working out. I may get past that feeling and workout anyway or I may not. But I still enjoy my workouts and always go back to them. This apparently makes me a freak.

As I mentioned in previous posts none of my friends are into the gym thing. Some of them play recreational sports like tennis in the summer or splash around in a pool for a bit but that is about it. Personally I despise sports. I don’t play them and I sure as hell don’t watch them. When I say this people then say something like “but I thought you were into fitness”. My response is always that sports and fitness are two different things. You can have fitness without the sports, but you can’t have sports without the fitness. And sports are something I hate. (You can thank several nasty judgmental mean spirited PE teachers for that.)

Anyway when I say I enjoy hitting the gym people often give me a look that makes me wonder if I suddenly sprouted glowing neon antlers out of my ears. To them the dreaded thing called exercise is a chore to be avoided. They want to know how I can keep doing it. My answer is this: I enjoy it. I like the post workout high. I like feeling strong and being able to carry stuff and hike up stairs without getting winded and sweaty. I like to not have a sore knees after standing all day at work. I have had chronic back pain for most of my life. Exercise relieves and prevents my back pain. I like being pain free.

If you want to be fit and healthy you need to remember four things:

1) Find something you enjoy. You don’t need to hit the gym or run a marathon to be fit and healthy. The point is simply to be active.

2) Be consistent. Regular activity is critical to being healthy. This is why finding something you enjoy is item #1. If you don’t enjoy your chosen activities you will not keep doing them and you definitely won’t keep doing them consistently. I happen to enjoy strength training and walking my dog so that is what I do. I hate sports so I don’t waste a second on them except to say how much I hate them.

3) Even if your friends are not into your chosen activity keep doing it. They don’t have to come along, participate, or watch you do it. Don’t tolerate them bashing your thing. Other people’s lack of motivation should not negatively impact your own.

4) Motivation often comes later after you have been doing your activity for awhile. Starting anything is always the toughest part. The trick is to stick with it long enough to turn it into a habit.

Not sure why enjoying my workouts makes me a freak and I don’t really care.

Keep walking the dog.


One thought on “Why does enjoying fitness make me a freak?

  1. As long as you enjoy something healthy where it benefits your life, it’s all good! 🙂

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