Inability to afford a gym membership should not stop you from being active.

 I hear all sorts of excuses and reasons from people for why they can’t or won’t workout. They range from “I don’t have time”, “It is too hard”, “I don’t want to get bulky”, “I am too lazy”, “I have kids” to “I can’t afford a gym membership”. I could write a post on each of these items, but I am going to focus on “I can’t afford a gym membership” for now.  I hate hearing this reason for not being active. It is a completely bogus reason/excuse.

I didn’t have a gym membership for years. I love having a gym, but I simply could not fit a membership into my budget for a long time. Even if I could have fit it in my budget, I didn’t have car (and still don’t because it does not fit in my budget) and there were no gyms within walking distance of my home. Even now that I have a gym membership I had to trim other areas of my budget to make room for it. So I get not being able to afford a gym membership. That is ok. But not having a gym membership should not stop you from being active if you want to be. You can workout efficiently and effectively for free. How? That floor space in the middle of your living room is free (or rather you paying for it anyway so why not use it some more?). The sidewalk is free. Community running and bike trails are free. The park with the monkey bars, public tennis courts, and baseball diamond down the street is free. Your body is free. All you have to do is move it.

When I had no gym membership I worked out at home. To begin with all I had was a yoga mat. (You don’t even need that. You can use a towel.) I did body weight exercises and skipped with no rope. I added plyometrics moves to make it harder. Over time I did slowly begin collecting some equipement as my budget allowed. An exercise ball. Some resistance bands. A couple dumbbells. A step block. My one large purchase was a spin bike. They helped keep things interesting. But the single best purchase I have ever made for my home workouts was my GYMBOSS. My GYMBOSS still goes to the gym with me.

As I mentioned in pervious posts there plenty of places to get ideas for home workouts using minimal equpement. My favorites are Zuzka Light and Dr. Sara Solomon’s website (see links on side bar). But there plenty of others.

Here is a list of basic equipment that can be used for homeworkouts that is inexpensive, doesn’t take up much space, and is versatile:

1) yoga/pilates mat – Lots of options out there. Take your pick.

2) interval timer – I love my GYMBOSS. You can also get interval timer apps.

3) resistance band or resistance tubing

4) chair (steady enough to stand on)

And keep walking the dog.


One thought on “Inability to afford a gym membership should not stop you from being active.

  1. jesseb2013 says:

    AMEN! I don’t go to a gym and I’m doing just fine (I may or may not have a decent home set up -but that’s not the point). I run, do circuits at home. All about being creative and determined!

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