Yes, I get up at 5am. Get over it.

I am an early bird. I have been an early bird as long as I can remember. My normal sleep schedule is going to bed at 9 and getting us at 5. My brain is isn’t even capable of higher brain functions after 8pm. Staying up much later than 9-10pm is a recipe for a migraine that night and likely for the next day. For me staying up late is just plain unatural and uncomfortable.

Unfortuantely, the bulk of the people I know go to bed usually somewhere between 11pm and 2am and sleep as long as they can get away with in the mornings. When they find out my sleep schedule they wig out and  give me the “what kind of freak are you?” look. It makes social situations ackward because I am exhausted and ready for bed when they are just getting the party started. They don’t get that even if I can get myself to stay up later it is not worth it because my body still wakes up at 5. And I feel the absence of my sleep for days afterwards. For me staying up late is just not worth it. 

Being an early bird really has a lot of advantages. I have the habit of walking my dog early first thing so I get to enjoy all the best walking areas without other people or dogs (and asshole dog haters aren’t awake to hell at me for no reason). I can get my workouts in early and finish my laundry using as many washing machines at a time as I like. Once upon a time when I was a student I would teach a fitness class, workout, and get my groceries and be home by 9am to get ready to do go to class. No conjested grocery stores or malls for me. I am in and out in gone while everyone else is still getting into their cars. 

In my opinion it is all you night owls that are the freaks;)


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