Everyone is an expert.

I have done a lot of research about how to eat healthy, how much I should eat, when I should eat etc. And it always the most frustrating thing to find such a wide range of advice and information on the subject. As far as I can tell everyone is an expert that knows exactly what you should do to reach your goals and they all think anyone who preaches differently is off their rocker. In short there is no way to eat food and not have there be someone somewhere claim that what/how you are eating is the wrong choice and will lead you to disaster. There is so much advice out there that is just contradictory.

People seem to have just divided up into factions: the no carbs faction, the vegetarian faction, the raw vegan faction, the paleo/caveman faction, the healthy carbs only faction, the healthy carbs but only after your workout faction, the eat five-eight times per day faction, the eat three times per day faction, the intermittant fasting faction, the low-fat faction, the intuitive listen to your body faction, the clean eating faction, the eat for heat faction, and the fuck it just do whatever faction. (I am sure there are more.)

Some factions claim their regime is the best for being healthy. Other factions claim that if you want to be lean their way is the only way. Many claim theirs is the method that will help you avoid the dreaded slow metabolism and be a fat burning machine. And what I always find amazing is that many seem to be able to come up with some physiological/hormonal based reasoning as to why they are right and why the other guys are wrong.

My original goal for this post was to post a few basic eating pointers that seem to more or less be common to many styles of eating, such as avoiding overly processed junk, and looking for high quality foods etc. An while these statements may not be terrible advice I don’t really feel like I should write anyting advice wise because if eating properly was really that simple wouldn’t there be some kind of consensus amoung the “experts”?

I have been thinking about this and only thing I can come up with is that noone is really an expert when it comes to deciding what method of eating works for people. At best they are just experts at eating the way that works for them.


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