Are you working out or passing a kidney stone? I can’t tell.

I have been seing a lot videos of people getting kicked out of a Planet Fitness facility for making too much noise or dropping weights or whatever it is you do at Planet Fitness to get kicked out. The videos always highlight the absurdity of kicking people out of the gym for common gym behaviours. At first I thought, yeah it is ridiculous. I try my best to put weights down quietly, but sometimes I make some noise. It can’t always be helped. And I have been known to give a forceful exhale on my last rep. If a gym kicks everyone out for doing these things how can they have any gym members left?

I wonder this then I remember the people at the gym who always drop the weights, or the people that practically throw them at the floor, and the people who grunt and scream (yes i have witnessed post set screamers). Just the other day at my new gym there was a gentlemen working his way around the strength circuit either moaning, groaning, grunting or sighing after every rep. It sounded like he was trying to pass a kidney stone and have sex at the same time. To make it worse the gym was empty except for the two of us so his mating pig noises echoed. It was a truly horrible thing to listen too. As disgusting as some of this noise making can be to listen too, I don’t think kicking a person out of the gym for it is fair. I do think gym management is justified in asking for less volume or some restraint from loud gym users.

If you are someone who makes a lot of noise at the gym (especially a lot of pig mating sounds), this may explain why your attempts to engage strangers at the gym in small talk are not always very successful.


2 thoughts on “Are you working out or passing a kidney stone? I can’t tell.

  1. cpayagen says:

    The only noise I make is when I breath out after my reps. It’s quiet, low pitched, and I get the same effect as if I grunted. I keep it to a minimum. Hopefully I’m not bothering people. What do you think? It’s similar to a “shh” noise when people try and quiet you down except it lasts for half a second.

    • akihotori says:

      A little noise is ok and hard to avoid if your are challenging yourself. When people are totally silent I have to wonder if they are lifting enough to make it worth their while. Or maybe they just have great self control.

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