Stupid shit people do at the gym Part 2

Don’t drop the weights. Oh Wow. My blog just wrote itself. All done. I wish it was it simple enough to just say “don’t drop the weights” but there are people who still drop the weights at the gym, so I will keep going.

Reasons you should NOT drop the weights at the gym:
1) Safety reasons. I have seen photos of fingers crushed by weights at the gym. It is not pretty. It could easily be a lot worse than crushed fingers if you are not careful.
2) Noise polution. Clanging of weights is like fingernails across a chalk board. It is just not nice.  Add this on top of the other noise generated at the gym by cardio equipment, fans, music, etc. and you have a terrible environment to workout in and work in.  Think of the staff who are there hours and hours longer than you listening to all this noise. Think of their poor ears.
3) The dumbbells can break.
This one surprised me. I never would have thought it possible if had not been for a few conversations with the gentlemen who completed the gym equipment repairs for our gym. He told me several stories of people dropping the really large dumbbells to have the connecting bar of the dumbbell snap clean through on landing.
4) Gym infractructure may not be optimally set up to handle dropping of your fully loaded barbell.
Don’t just assume your gym’s infrastructure can handle the dropping of very large weights. Check with management. My gym was on a second floor of a building and located directly over gym management offices in a very old building that was also used for exam writing purposes (because that was the space available for a gym – not saying it was a good idea). Everytime someone dropped a weight upstairs the walls downstairs shook and white plaster dust would fall on the manager’s head. Now this is probably not the case for most gyms (I really hope not anyway), but still think of the wear and tear on equipement and the building itself before you start dropping weights somewhere that is not specifically set up to handle it. There are gyms out there that cater to the really heavy lifters. They usually have designated platforms meant to be used when doing the big lifts. If you want to lift heavy and not worry about getting in trouble for weight droping weights seek out one of these gyms.

5) Girls (or anyone else in the gym) will not think you are more macho or be super impressed with you for dropping weights. Lifting weights with control is impressive. Being to lazy or sloppy or over estimating yourself and dropping weights as a result is not.

Reasons to drop the weight at the gym:
1) In emergencies only. If you are lifting a weight that you can’t control on the way down and must drop it, you are lifting too much weight too soon or sqeezing out too many reps. If you know you are going to be pushing your limits you should have a spotter present. A spotter can help you put weights down safely.
Keep walking the dog.


2 thoughts on “Stupid shit people do at the gym Part 2

  1. cpayagen says:

    I personally don’t drop the weights because it’s idiotic and moronic, however if I were to own a gym, I’d try and preach not dropping the weights but if you must, please grab 2 yoga mats, fold them up to create some padding, and lay them out in front of you or wherever you’ll drop the weight. It minimizes that mini-earthquake and pads the floor and the dumbbells from each other minimizing the chances of the dumbbells breaking.

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