An awesome place to look for free quality home workouts.

Doing the same workouts over and over is boring. It is difficult to stay consistent with exercise if it is boring. I am always looking for different ways to exercise and mix things up.I have a spin bike that I enjoy. But sometimes I just can’t handle even the thought of sitting on it for even a few minutes. I need to something different. I need to move while actually moving (but I also live in Canada where we freeze are assess off for half the year so going outside is not always the best option). I want to stand while I exercise but sometimes I also want to do something low impact. I can’t skip and do plyometrics all the time. I have a lot of good home workout DVDs too that I enjoy. But sometimes they aren’t want I feel like doing either. So I have been spending lots of time on youtube looking for new full length workouts that I can follow.

I use to teach fitness classes myself so I have standards that must be met by the workout videos I use. Basically the instructor needs to be trained and certified to teach fitness classes (it really shows when they are not). They need to use proper canned workout music and design balanced workouts. I have lost track of how many workouts I have discovered where the instructor knows how to work the crap out of the chest and triceps (and maybe shoulders) but then mostly forgets about the back. 

One favorite You Tube channel I have found and am really going to often for workouts is JessicaSmithtv. Jessica has a nice assortment of workouts of varying lengths ranging from indoor walking/jogging, kickboxing, HIIT, strength training, mat based yoga/pilates workouts, barre workouts, and flow/fusion workouts. There is a lot to choose from. And if you would like to have a specific schedule of what to do and when, Jessica even posts a weekly workout schedule featuring a healthy blend of workouts selected from her video library. A new workout is posted every week.

 And lastly there is the adorable Peanut napping hard on the yoga mat in the corner (showing what not to do during the workout).  Gotta love Peanut.


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