So I have this blog . . . now what?

So decided to start this blog in 2013 and I think I have done a so-so job in terms of keeping it up (lets just ignore Dec 2013 to March 2014 and pretend they didn’t happen). I am having a hard time finding things to write about. I want my blog to be primarily fitness based, but I don’t feel like posting my food dairy, taking pictures of my food, and listing all my lifts on a weekly basis. Not that there is anything wrong with these kind of posts. I follow several blogs that do this and I love reading them. I just don’t feel posting these myself is really my thing. My other option is setting a goal of some kind and blogging about my plan/journey/experiences to reaching said goal.

I have been toying with the idea of trying another 5k run. I did a 5k fun run a few years back and hated it. To be fair I also didn’t do a very good job prepping for it. I really didn’t know how and I was working 7 days week so it was very difficult to train. (In fact my fitness suffered horribly at this time period.)

Runners don’t laugh at me. I know 5k is not a long distance, but a runner I am not. I do not see myself ever running a marathon. (Although, I thoroughly enjoy reading about other peoples’ marathon and ultramarathon experiences. I mean ultramarathoning – that is some impressive shit! Like a regular marathon wasn’t already impressive enough.) I like lifting heavy things and I like my cardio in the form of kickboxing, plyometrics, skipping, HIIT, lots of walking, and a bit of spinning. Running has always felt like a massive chore to me. I hated the monotony of it and the jarring feeling up my spine. But recently when I have tried just doing a little sprint work on the treadmill I have noticed a lot of the discomfort I have always associated with running isn’t there anymore. I choose to attribute this to my strength training and plyo work. My knees and core must be stronger and better able to handle the impact of the running. So trying another 5k seems like a reasonable and attainable training goal for a non runner. The smaller distance also means I should’t be scared away from running again by having to log in uber training sessions. (Also see previous post about cardio vs. weights.) Still not sure I really want to do it though. Still thinking about it. Maybe I can recruit someone to do a fall fun run with me . . . will start looking for victims.

I do want to be able to do unassisted chin ups. I have been working towards those.


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