A non-runner’s 5K training

So I have decided to go ahead and work on running 5K. I am not a runner. I am not new to fitness, but I am a novice runner. I spent some time looking at various training plans for 5K. I found most 9-12 week programs were meant for people starting at a lower level of fitness and began with a fair amount of walking and not much running. I decided these were not for me since I already walk a lot. They would mean starting at too easy of a level. I walk my dog 45min every morning. I also walk to and from the gym on my strength training days. I do cardio in the form of HIIT workouts that include plyometrics, and I spin. So my cardiovascular system is in good shape, but I need to allow some time for my ankles to adjust to running (I have sprained them a few times.)

My greatest barrier to running is my brain. I have always hated running. All my life running has always felt like a chore. It was the icky thing some nasty gym teacher made me do cold turkey with no thought to progession or differences in individual fitness levels. I sucked at it. The only time I got an A in gym class was when we did swim lessons. That is when I taught the runners how to do shit properly and left classmates choking on my turbulence. I need to teach my brain that running is not so bad and that I can do it for longer than I think I can.

I have decided on a 6 week program with three training sessions per week. The program uses a progession of walk/run ratios that change every 2-3 training sessions slowly increasing the length of run intervals. I have already done the first two training sessions of week 1 and I felt good. It wasn’t miserable. I didn’t hate it. I was also able to do this after my strength training with no problem. Strength is still my priority, so I wanted a run schedule/goal that would not leave me sacrificing my strength training. The first session was a basic 1min walk/1min run x10. The second run was 2min run/4min walk x5. I will repeat this second run once more to complete my week 1 training. Week 2 will start with 3min run/3min walk x4.

My chinups are getting better. I have to do them with some assistance, but I am determined to get to the point where I can do a few unassisted.


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