20min is my magic number

One of my least favorite parts of training is stretching. I know all the reasons why working on flexibility is important, but that does nothing for making me want to spend time on it. I am terrible when it comes to making sure I have a good stretch after a workout. I don’t like stretching. I don’t like it primarily because I find it boring. I try to get myself to spend some dedicated time on flexibility by fitting in a little yoga in my week, but I suffer the same problem with yoga as I do with general stretching. I am bored to tears 20-30min into a yoga class. After 20min I am looking at the clock every 30sec wondering when it will be over so I can do something else. My brain is no longer in it after 20min. Any benefits to be had from a full hour of yoga are usually wasted on me. So I have instead been trying to do two yoga sessions per week at home and keeping them to 20min. 20min is the magic number for me. I can concentrate on the yoga for 20min and lie down at the end and feel like I had a nice stretch and feel all zen or whatever you want to call it. Going much past 20min and my bored switch goes off and my mind body connection goes on vacation. Who knows, maybe if stick with 20min at a time for awhile I can build my tolerance.


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