A non-runner’s 5k training . . . kinda sorta

So I have discovered that running seems to wake up old injuries and associated unhappy muscles in a way nothing else I do exercise wise does. Walking, spinning, kickboxing, skipping, and strength training all feel good. I even feel fine while doing my running. I can do my prescribed walk/run intervals no problem. I don’t even get much in the way of DOMS the next day. But certain muscles are really tightening up and not letting go after running. It takes a lot foam rolling and stretching to get them to let go. My QL’s have no idea what I am doing and are telling me to get lost. My IT bands are not far behind. This is probably related to my old sprains. I know that I just take it slow my body will eventually be able to handle this type of exercise without being unhappy after. I am not going to give up on my goal of being able to run a good 5K. It is still something I want to do. I think I just need to spend more time then I originally planned at the lower end of my training plan to let my pesky muscles time to figure this new activity out.


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