Today I learned my dog is totally 100% OK with using me as a human shield.

I always new my dog was not overly brave. She has been known to run away from chihuahuas. She runs for it if I seems like I am about slip and fall on ice. If she is overwhelmed by an aggressive dog, she will be submissive rather than escalating the situation by fighting back. Today she decided hiding behind me was an even better plan than just being submissive. It probably saved her since it meant the dog going after her had to go around me to get to her which gave me an opportunity to grab its harness. I did grab the aggressor’s harness and managed to wrestle the damn thing away from my precious dog baby and tie its leash to a fence. I did this one handed since my other hand was still holding my dog’s leash. I also managed to simultaneously give my dog some slack so she could get some distance from the aggressive dog until I secured it to the fence. I guess my strength training has been good for something because I managed to hold the 60-65 hell hound at bay with one hand. I am guessing 60-65 pounds based on the fact that the dog was larger than my dog which is about 50lbs and this dog definitely felt heavier.

So, where did said hell hound come from? Where was the hell hound’s owner? The hell hound’s unfortunate owner was a the bottom of the back staircase on her face. Poor lady had been trying to get down the stairs to keep her dog away because her dog was aggressive towards other dogs. She tripped and fell down the stairs dragging her dog with her initially. The dog, now free because its owner was in shock on the ground, charged back up the stairs after my dog. And that is how the dog wrestling began. After securing the dog to the fence I was able to get to the top of the stairs to see of the other poor dog owner was ok. She sat up by this point and was able to tell me what apartment she lived in so I could fetch her husband to help her. The look on the husband’s face before I explained why I was there was a classic “What kind of nut case are you banging on my door at 6:30 in the morning?” face.

When I left for work later this morning, I did not use the back exit. The next time I take my dog for her usual walk I hope to go back to not seeing any other people or dogs.


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