Some workout ideas: Part 4

The previous strength workout samples I posted were very squat centric. Squats and dead lifts are my favorite lower body strength moves. Lunges and step up variations are also great lower body compound moves that I switch in sometimes when I feel like doing something different. Again I typically do 3 sets of 8-12 reps for each exercise. If I am doing lunges or step ups where I am alternating legs I do 24 reps so each leg is hit 12x. Like the previous strength workouts I posted, these are full body routines.

Sample strength workout 4:
1) walking dumbbell lunges
2) side step ups with dumbbells
3) decline pushups
4) lat pull-downs
5) reverse flys
6) weighted crunches or v-ups

Sample strength workout 5:
1) side/lateral lunges (I like to hold a barbell in a cradle position for this type of lunge)
2) front step ups with dumbbells
3) one-arm dumbbell rows
4) up-right rows
5) bench press
6) bicycle crunches

Sample strength workout 6:
1) reverse barbell lunges (with dumbbells or a barbell)
2) curtsy lunges (with dumbbells or a barbell)
3) military press
4) narrow grip dumbbell bench press
5) seated rows
6) side planks (hold 30-60sec per side)

Side Note: If I am ever in a hurry and running out of time I will trade my ab/core exercise and bench press variation for pushups until I drop x2-3. This way I save time while still hitting my core and chest.


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