Alternative 3-day & 4-day splits

If I only have time for 2 or 3 days lifitng days per week, I like to do full-body workouts each day. One type of split I am looking forward to trying is a 3 day split using 1 full-body day, 1 upper body day, and 1 lower body day instead of the standard 3 full-body days.

Sample 3 day split: 1 full body day, 1 upper body day, 1 lower body day

Day 1-full-body:
1) incline bench press
2) chin ups
3) shoulder press
4) back squat
5) kettlebell swings

Day 2-upper body:
1) clean & press
2) bench press
3) seated row
4) pendlay row
5) lying leg raises

Day 3-lower body:
1) front squat
2) sumo goblet squat
3) dumbbell walking lunges
4) step ups
5) bird dog

Side note: To challenge your balance and stability more, you can carry only one dumbbell for your walking lunges and for the step ups. Just make sure you alternate hands and work each side equally.

If I have more time, I like four day splits also. For those in the past I have always done a completely different body part each day. An easy way to break it down is to to do 2 upper body days and 2 lower body days.

Sample 4 day split: 2 upper body days, 2 lower body days

Upper body day 1: chest & shoulders
1) bench press
2) incline dumbbell bench press
3) dive bomber pushups
4) shoulder press
5) upright row

Lower body Day 1: gluts & hamstrings
1) back squat
2) stiff-leg deadlift
3) cable-pull throughs
4) weighted bridge
5) sumo goblet squat or side step ups

Upper body Day 2: back & core
1) assisted or unassisted pullups
2) face pulls
3) seated rows
4) lying or hanging leg raise
5) bicycle crunches or cable wood-chops

Lower body Day 2: quads & calves
1) sissy squats or jefferson squats
2) front lunges
3) leg extensions or modified camels
4) seated calf raise
5) standing calf raise


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