SQUEEE! My gym now has a squat rack!

You may be wondering what kind of gym does not have a squat rack? A small gym. My gym is small. I am impressed that they found room for a squat rack. I hope they didn’t scrap other equipment to make room. (Well, on second thought they could totally get rid of the Ab Bendy Bench 1000 thing in the corner. I would not miss that. Those things are stupid.) I just saw the online gym update today and will be running to the gym tonight to try the new squat rack. Because . . . well . . . I am sorry Mr. Smith Machine but you just don’t cut it when it comes to squats. It will be nice to be able to try some rack pulls and other squat rack necessary goodies.

Stuff to do with a squat rack:
-heavy squats of all variations: front, back, sissy, zercher, sumo, negatives, box etc.
-rack pulls
-bench press (so much better than the smith machine!)
-bent over row
-parallel pullups/pullups/chinups
-shoulder presses/clean & press
-upright rows

Most things can be done without a squat rack, but having a squat rack really opens up the possibilities in terms of weight maximums. It makes the world of difference when you can pickup and put down weight just by walking under a bar rather then deadlifting everything from the floor and over your head.


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