Super sets . . ouch

Last night I actually tried to do super sets for real. I am now very sore. I have written out programs with super sets often in the past, but I never really did them properly. I would arrive at the gym with good intentions to do it, but those plans would always fall through. I would just do regular sets. I did it mostly because I started to to feel selfish at the idea of hogging two pieces of equipment at a the same time. I didn’t want to be that person at the gym that manages to use every good bar, bench, and dumbbell in the gym and spreads their belongings from the free weights to the pec dec to mark equipment in use like they were saving spots for their imaginary friends.

Last night I decided I would go gym and really do super sets. I went a little later so the people there would be at the end of their workouts. And I know from the past that the gym typically empties out between 8:00 and 8:30pm. I figured I would be able to hog two pieces of equipment at a time without getting in anyone’s way or anyone else getting in my way. Well it worked. I am already feeling the soreness set in. The super sets also made for a fast workout with a bit of a cardio effect because they reduced the amount of time I spent resting. I am looking forward to trying super sets on leg day tomorrow.

I also found out who keeps storing the lat pull-down bar on top of the cable pull weight stack thereby setting up the next user of the cable pull for an accident. I watched as a lady unhooked the bar from the lat pull down and very carefully laid the bar across the weight stack of the cable pull next to her ignoring the equipment rack full of empty hooks she could have hung the bar on instead. So many people leave their brains at the door when they get to the gym.


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