6 Minute (Death ) Rep Workouts

Pick an excercise sequence. Set your timer for 6 min. Complete as many rounds of the exercises as you can in the 6 min. That means no stopping for 6 minutes.

1) 10x pushup, 10x jump lunges, 10x weighted back ext., 10x side lateral hops

2) 10x alternating reverse fly & row, 10x kettle bell swings, 10x tricep pushups (or press ups), 10x side lunges

3) 10x arnold press, 10x sumo squat w/ serving biceps, 10x Y-lift, 10x jump tucks

4) 10x deadlift w/ upright row, 10x dynamic squat, 10x dancing crab, 10x lying leg raise

5) 10x dive bombers, 10x box jumps, 10x straight leg bridges, 10x jumping jacks

6) 10x weighted burpees, 10x jumping jacks, 10x plank renegade rows, 10x high knees


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