Ass to ankles

I have really tight hips and lower back. There was a time three burpees would send me to the chiropractor whining that my hip was trying to kill me. I sprained my hip sometime in the past once or maybe twice while falling on ice or falling off a horse. I am not sure which. I told my chiropractor he should just pick one because I was not sure which of many falls did it. Thanks to my excellent chiropractor and greater attention to mobility and flexibility training I can now do things like burpees and mountain climbers. But some days my hip mobility still really sucks. I have been working on being able to get all the way down for a full squat with good form. I find the absolute bottom tough to reach although I am much closer than I use to be.

I found the following article on that makes suggestions on how to work on reaching a full squat (ass to ankles). The best part about these suggestions is that no equipment is required.

How to perform a full squat and reap the benefits:


Kettlebell resources

Now that I have my own kettlebell I am doing a lot of reading on different things to do with it. In the past the kettlebell was just something I used a little bit with my workouts. I might pick one up at the gym for some swings or high pulls and such then go back to the traditional weights. I noticed when I was doing my squating the other day with just one kettlebell that even through the weight was significantly lighter then what I would do with a barbell back squat it was still tough. So I dug around on and have found some great kettlebell articles. Here are a couple:

6 Things to do with a heavy kettlebell

Grind to Grow

Kettlebell Explosion: Harness the power of the kettlebell swing

30 min Home workout: Kettlebell edition

Warmup (6 min): Set timer for 12 rounds of 30 seconds.
1) March in place (high knees)
2) Jog or skip in place
3) Bodyweight squats
4) Jumping Jacks
5) Arm swings (across the chest)
6) Standing core twist

Kettlebell Circuit 1 (6min): Set timmer for 6 rounds of 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest.
1) Two-arm kettlebell swing
2) Kettlebell lunge & press (right)
3) Kettlebell lunge & press (left)
4) Kettlebell windmill (right)
5) Kettelbell windmill (left)
6) Kettlbell Russian Twist

Kettlebell Circuit 2 (6min): Set timmer for 6 rounds of 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest.
1) Two-arm kettlebell swing
2) Kettelbell plank single arm row (right)
3) Kettlebell plank single arm row (left)
4) Kettlebell deadlift
5) Kettle bell pushup (narrow stance)
6) Kettlebell sumo squat w/ high pull

Finisher (6min): Set timmer for 6 rounds of 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest.
1) Box jumps or squat jumps
2) Basic burpee
3) Skaters

Cool Down/Stretch (6min)

My new ketttlebell

I asked for a kettlebell for Christmas. More specifically a 25lb kettlebell. I have a few small dumbbells I use at home and I do my heavy lifting at the gym. But I really wanted something that was a bit heavier (and was also a real kettlebell) for doing kettlebell workouts at home. I also didn’t want to add any more bulky gym equipment to my home gym. The space in my apartment is limited. A kettlebell seemed like a good choice. It is not Christmas yet, but that did not stop me from getting my hands on my kettlebell. I asked nicely and pouted until I was given my kettlebell early and have already done two workouts with it. I love it. My guy was even able to get the same make of kettlebell (TKO) that my gym has so I knew I would like the shape and feel of the kettlebell.

I can feel my kettlebell swings again!

Happy Holiday Workouts:)

New protein powder . . . yum.

We got a Costco membership recently. On our first visit I discovered that if we are going to shop at Costco we need to be selective and only get things we use daily because all those bulk items just won’t fit in our little apartment. I also discovered Costco sells protein powder in large tubs at a price that works out to the lowest cost per serving I have been able to find where I am. So I did a little research on the brands of protein powder they carry and decided on trying the Combat Powder (Cookies n’ Cream flavour) by MusclePharm. Online reviews for this one were generally good. It is a hybrid protein powder meaning it is made with whey, casein, and egg proteins rather than just whey protein which I had been using up till now. Well I have finally found a protein that I actually like to drink as a shake. I mix one scoop with 1 cup of vanilla unsweetened almond milk and it is very tasty. It is thick with some sweetness and no weird after taste. I was really surprised. It mixes really well into my morning oatmeal too. My breakfast tastes more like breakfast cookie dessert now and all I did was change protein powders. I am still not going to try cooking with it though.

All-in-One (Kill Yourself Before the Holidays) Workout

Three compound exercises. Twenty reps per exercise. Repeat three to five times depending how dead you want to be at the end. (Do the same number of sets for each exercise.) Rest as little as possible.

I suggest timing yourself to see how long it takes to complete the workout. Aim to complete it a bit faster the next time you do the workout.

3-5 sets per exercise:
1) 20x full burpee (with a push-up at the bottom and a jump at the top)
2) 20x squat & press (with barbell or dumbbells – keep weight moderate so you can finish all the reps)
3) 20x dead lift row (with barbell or dumbbells-again moderate weight so you can finish)

You’re welcome.