New protein powder . . . yum.

We got a Costco membership recently. On our first visit I discovered that if we are going to shop at Costco we need to be selective and only get things we use daily because all those bulk items just won’t fit in our little apartment. I also discovered Costco sells protein powder in large tubs at a price that works out to the lowest cost per serving I have been able to find where I am. So I did a little research on the brands of protein powder they carry and decided on trying the Combat Powder (Cookies n’ Cream flavour) by MusclePharm. Online reviews for this one were generally good. It is a hybrid protein powder meaning it is made with whey, casein, and egg proteins rather than just whey protein which I had been using up till now. Well I have finally found a protein that I actually like to drink as a shake. I mix one scoop with 1 cup of vanilla unsweetened almond milk and it is very tasty. It is thick with some sweetness and no weird after taste. I was really surprised. It mixes really well into my morning oatmeal too. My breakfast tastes more like breakfast cookie dessert now and all I did was change protein powders. I am still not going to try cooking with it though.


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