My new ketttlebell

I asked for a kettlebell for Christmas. More specifically a 25lb kettlebell. I have a few small dumbbells I use at home and I do my heavy lifting at the gym. But I really wanted something that was a bit heavier (and was also a real kettlebell) for doing kettlebell workouts at home. I also didn’t want to add any more bulky gym equipment to my home gym. The space in my apartment is limited. A kettlebell seemed like a good choice. It is not Christmas yet, but that did not stop me from getting my hands on my kettlebell. I asked nicely and pouted until I was given my kettlebell early and have already done two workouts with it. I love it. My guy was even able to get the same make of kettlebell (TKO) that my gym has so I knew I would like the shape and feel of the kettlebell.

I can feel my kettlebell swings again!

Happy Holiday Workouts:)


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