Evidence, Who Needs It – Doctors Gone Wild Part 2

Some fabulous points from Ragen at Dances with Fat about evidence based medicine. I could so easily reblog everything Regan writes. I chose to reblog this one because I am Canadian and Ragen points out somthing really stupid that some Canadian task force is doing.

Dances With Fat

WTF are you doingA couple of days ago I wrote about the absolutely horrible medical guidelines that suggest that doctors should try to make fat people thin with diet drugs, and only then treat our actual health issues.  In response many people asked me why I don’t trust doctors (you know, besides the fact that the doctor who wrote the guidelines in on the payroll of multiple companies that sell diet drugs.)

Now the Canadians have come along and made my point for me. The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Healthcare has issued a “strong recommendation” that primary care physicians should measure body mass index (BMI) at every visit.  If you know anything about the deeply problematic nature of BMI, you might wonder why in the world they would make a strong recommendation to do that.  No problem, Dr. Paula Brauer (a Ph.D and Registered Dietician) was happy to explain: the…

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