Health and the Usual Disclaimers

I wish I had this to read years ago when I worked at gym and was essentially told by my bosses that fat shaming people was for their own good. What a load of bullshit.

Dances With Fat

What Will you DefendWhen I discuss the concept of health on this blog I include some version of the following:

Health is not an obligation, barometer of worthiness, completely within our control, or guaranteed under any circumstance.

Recently reader Deborah asked me to talk more about this so I thought I would do that today, taking it piece by piece

Health is not an obligation

Health is a complicated concept, it can be a moving target and different people have different definitions.  When I say that health is not an obligation, I’m saying that nobody owes anybody else “health” or “healthy” behaviors by any definition. People are allowed to make choices that not only don’t prioritize their “health” based on whatever definition, but that actively put their health, up to and including their lives, in danger.

People are allowed to play sports even though they lead to sports injuries in the short term…

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