Things Obesity Isn’t

Biscuit the Pug knows what he talking about.

Dances With Fat

You Cannot Be SeriousWhether it’s in internet articles, comments on internet articles, or e-mails that I get, I see “obesity”/being fat used in comparisons that don’t actually make any sense.   Let’s clear up some of this confusion.

Obesity is not heroin addiction. 

Almost every day I get a couple of people, who think they are geniuses, who leave comments asking if I’m going to start a heroin acceptance movement since it’s the same as size acceptance. These are not comparable because heroin use is a single, specific behavior – everyone heroin addict does heroin.  “Obesity” is the end result of a math equation (weight in pounds time 703 divided by height in inches squared is greater than or equal to 30, a group that includes actors, professional athletes, and me.)  Obese/fat people cannot be identified by a single or even a group of common activities that are different from people who fall…

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