Weight Watchers? Ick No Thanks

Today I was talking about the problem of chronic under eating and over exercise with one co-worker and the conversation lead to how the weight loss industry sells us the magical weight loss lie/pill: You just have to do what they say and have enough will power (to semi-starve yourself) to stick with it and you will get thin and then you can be happy with body you have always wanted. (Not sure if my points were sinking in with my co-worker but I tried.) Another co-worker walked in and asked if we were talking about Jenny Craig (she made a face when she said Jenny Craig). I said I was talking about any weight loss industry company selling the same basic false promises and lies for profit, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers etc. take your pick.

Well, my other co-worker got all defensive about Weight Watchers . . . “Weight Watchers isn’t like that” she said. Apparently only Jenny Craig sells a lie.

Oops . . . my bad. I forgot to keep my mouth shut and not bash Weight Watchers at work. Our local union supports a Weight Watcher group for employees and gives special rates. They send out a mass email every year trying to recruit the minimum number of participants to keep it going. My work area in particular has a rather loyal little group of WW followers that make going to meetings every month a social outing. Only one year have I had the joy of reading an email saying that the group would not be run because the minimum number of participants had not been reached. I will continue to hope for other such emails in the future.

If you are interested in a summary of the problems with Weight Watchers I recommend the following blog posts:


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