puppy sandwiches
I have been hungrier than usual lately. Not sure why since my activities levels haven’t really gone up. If anything, they have gone down because we are freezing our asses off up here in Canada and getting burried in snow. It makes dog walking a special kind of work. The kind of work where you do a ton of it but don’t get very far for your efforts. (Fitocracy really needs a “walked hiked trudged with dog through snow” option.)

Managing hunger can be a tricky thing. Personnally, I find I am hungry a lot. Even after eating a respectable meal. I was watching a youtube video the other day where a power lifter said hunger was never really a problem for her. I started the video over and watched it again. The idea of not needing to manage hunger seems so foreign. It is not something I have experienced. I always wake up hungry for breakfast. I have been waking up wanting a peanut butter sandwich above all else. I then have my usual breakfast. I have experimented with various eating schedules, meal frequencies, and meal sizes to see if one was best for managing my hunger. Ultimatley, I didn’t really notice a difference in over all hunger levels between having three large meals a day versus 5-7 small meals per day.


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