MIA while adjusting to a new job

I just realized I went all of April without writing a single blog. I started a new job at the beginning of March which has left me mentally exhausted at the end of each day. I keep forgetting about my blog. I am very happy to be beginning this new job. I had gotten to the point in my last position that it had been a very long time since I learned something new. I really felt like I needed a change. A new opportunity came up and I chose to take it. But of course learning a new job is always its own kind of stress. I think it is going well. Lots to learn so things should be interesting for a while.

This new job also has more consistent hours that match my husband’s hours (yay). In my last position my hours shifted around a bit so I could be starting early and leaving early or starting late and leaving late. The meant my workouts kept getting shifted around. It made it hard to be consistent. It also messed with my sleep schedule. I am now trying to settle into a schedule that does not shift so much. Once upon a time, I had done morning cardio and evening strength training. I am trying to get back to that while keeping a steady sleep schedule. I have been doing a lot of reading on circadian rhythms and how sleep can affect health. I know I have a few bad sleep habits. The big one of having moving sleep times was caused by work so that is now dealt with. I also have the bad habit of watching an episode of something in order to fall asleep. My next step is to go back to listening to an audio book or reading a book instead. This will at least remove the exposure to light from my computer monitor before sleep. My sleep position has always been a problem for my back. I try to keep to a chiropractor approved position, but that doesn’t always work. Actually it almost never works.

One thing that affects my sleep quality and quantity that I cannot control or change though is my husband’s snoring. I have not been able to spend the entire night in my bed for several months because his snoring is so bad it wakes me up and keeps me awake. I have been moving the sofa for the remainder of the night. I tend to go bed early while hubby goes to bed late so I do get a few quiet hours in bed at least. Also, not so great for my back, but I love my guy too much to replace him ;).


One thought on “MIA while adjusting to a new job

  1. It is so hard when a significant other snores! My boyfriend and I moved in together a few months ago and within the first week I wanted to move out. I was not getting ANY sleep. We tried everything, but nothing worked. We finally came across RC, which is an essential oil blend, and it helped so much! Since he has started using it every night, he doesn’t snore at all. It’s super cheap and the bottle lasts forever! I just wrote a post about it- you might want to check it out! It saved my relationship and then some, haha.

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