Why I just can’t get into yoga studios.

Everyone once in awhile a friend asks me to attend a yoga class with her. Yoga is not really my thing. I much prefer to pump iron. I do do some basic yoga at home to work on my flexibility but this is limited to basic poses and I typically don’t spend more than 20min on it at a time. It just doesn’t keep my interest. But I realized this past weekend that what I really don’t like about yoga classes has more to do with the nature of practising in a yoga studio than with yoga itself.

Mainly I don’t like:

1) The migraine inducing incense burning in the lobby.
smells bad
2) The over crowded studios that result in:
i) getting stuck next to the wall
ii) kicking or hitting said wall
iii) getting up close and personal with a stranger’s foot because they failed to stay perfectly centered on their mat leading into warrior 3

3) It is hard to relax when half the class is blowing raspberries (to relax their jaws???). It just makes me want to laugh.

4) I don’t like being trapped into the long class length. I personally would like to see a 30min class option.

5) The huge variation in how classes are conducted – The other day I nearly jumped out of skin everytime an instructor came and pressed my feet together or pressed down on my hips for some reason. I have never had instructors who do that before. Some warning before they grabbed me from behind in the dark would have been nice.


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