Full body basics – barefoot goodness

do we have to run

I love being barefoot. I would always workout barefoot if it was practical or safe to do. But going barefoot doesn’t work for me when I am doing anything with impact (also gyms require foot wear). I do however love the occastional low impact workout done barefoot. I love light walking workouts done at home in barefeet. My favorite part about yoga and pilates is that you do them barefoot. I love select strength moves done barefoot with no weight or light weight. There is something lovely about low impact work after having a few days of higher impact exercise.

Full-body basics – barefoot

1) squat with diagonal chop (w/ one light to moderate weight dumbbell) x10 per side
2) pike press x10
3) kettlebell swing x20 (can be done with moderate dumbbell also)
4) one arm kettle bell or dumbbell row (x10-15 per arm)
5) suntana pushup (alternate between sides for side plank w/ a pushup in the center) x10
6) dancing crab x10 or hold a table or bridge position for 30sec

Repeat 1-5x depending on what you feel like doing.

Combine this with a short low impact power walk from jessicasmithtv and it makes for an energizing bit of movement. We don’t always need to be gargeling our hearts or pounding on our joints.


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