If We Really Cared About Kids’ Health

Dances With Fat

Wrong RoadYesterday I blogged about a terrible program designed to give kids a grade for their body size. Unfortunately this is not the first experiment foisted upon children.  I think that some of the people behind these programs may actually care about children’s health, but that doesn’t excuse their irresponsibility.  Still, I don’t want to criticize without offering suggestions.  So if we really care about kids health here are some things that we could do:

Foster Healthy Relationships Between Kids and Their Bodies

Someone told me today that their school weighed kids and wrote their weights up on the wall. When the kids with low and high weights got (so very predictably) bullied, they were told that the bullying shouldn’t bother them because they were too young to worry about their weight.  That’s exactly what we don’t want to do.  It’s time for school to stop creating situations that enable bullies, and…

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