11 Reasons Why I Focus On Health and Not Weight

I got the following e-mail today: This whole Health at Every Size thing is nothing more than fat people justifying being fat and being too lazy to diet. It simply makes no sense in any other contex…

Source: 11 Reasons Why I Focus On Health and Not Weight


A week off

I got this

(This post was actually written several months ago. Just discovered that I forgot to hit publish, but that is OK.)

I have a week and a half off. My partner is still working, so we aren’t going anywhere. But my partner does have Friday off for my b-day. (There will be cookies n’ cream cupcakes.)
It is so nice to pump iron like there is no tomorrow. I know for this week I can go home and lay on the sofa for an hour or two and watch Netflix after my lifting session so there is no holding back. I can be productive later.

I need to get some stuff done in terms of cleaning up our apartment, but I am doing it in small batches. I despise the never ending element to cleaning. Yesterday was bathe the dog and clean the bathroom day. (It is absolutely critical to execute these activities in that exact order.) My dog is also happier for the week (I am forgetting the bathing incident when I say this) because she is getting extra walks and lots of company. Yay for time away from work.

What I do hate about vacation is the fact everyone keeps asking me “Where are you going?” or “Are you going anywhere?” like vacation is not vacation unless you are going somewhere. When I say “No. I am staying home” people then ask “Why not?” and give me a funny look like I am wasting my vacation. The way some co-workers talk about their vacations it almost sounds like they are completing for the “who had the best vacation” award. Is there such a thing? Personally, I call any vacation where I rested plenty and spent time doing something I enjoy a successful vacation. (Not bankrupting myself on travel is also good.)