Put some weight on the leg press already!

It is a very easy thing to do to go the gym and waste your time. I see plenty of people in my gym wasting their time. The time wasting can takes many different forms. It can be people chatting and hanging off equipment. It can be people plodding along on the treadmill or barely moving the peddles of a bike while reading. It can be someone lifting a winky dinky dumbbell for 20 some reps for 3-5 sets. But what always bugs me the most (I have to make a point of facing the other direction when I notice it happening) is people on the plate loaded leg press doing lazy relaxed looking leg presses with no plates loaded on the machine. When I finally see someone reach for some weight they pick up a 5lb plate or two . Why would some one walk over to a machine on two perfectly good legs sit down and then lift less than their own body weight?

Latter I usually get to watch that person’s eyes then bug out of their heads when I slide multiple 45lb plates onto the machine. My leg press isn’t even all that amazing. There are plenty of people out there who can leg press more than me. Some people even argue that what you leg press is meaningless. It is only what you can squat and deadlift that counts. Either way when strength training the entire point is to apply enough weight that your leg muscles (the largest and strongest muscles you have) are challenged. If you can chew your gum, gaze off into lala land, and not break a sweat while pressing you need to add a shit ton more weight. If you are not going to add enough weight to make it challenging you might as well not bother with the leg press. You will get far more out of practicing your squat, deadlift, lunges, and step up variations.