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As some people are celebrating holidays that include things like chocolate, candy, and feasts, I am seeing a ton of food shaming, food policing, and food moralizing. All of this is crap for the reasons I explain here, but I thought what I would do today is give you some options for response. Note, today’s responses are […]

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The War On “Obesity” is Seriously Harming Kids — Dances With Fat

Recently PS Mag posted an article called “The Youngest Casualties in the War on Obesity.” It opens with the story of Jaime, a 11 year old who developed an eating disorder after she her school publicly measured and announced her BMI, and she decided that lowering her BMI might make her more popular. “I don’t think […]

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George Takei and Why I Can’t Take a Joke

Source: George Takei and Why I Can’t Take a Joke

I love George Takei. He has done so much inspiring work. It floors me every time I see him drop the ball so thoroughly went it comes to fat shaming and the bullying of fat people.

I am reminded about the arguments about Ronda Rousey and how we can’t expect and shouldn’t expect her to be the ultimate feminist super hero. Perhaps we also can’t expect George to be the champion of everything.